Blogging For Lawyers – Five Basic Tips

The Legal profession can often give you a very uptight image. Your clients, employees or future employers will seldom see you without a suit So how do you convey you true personality to them? Simple: a blog!

Your blog is a great way to show your potential clients and colleagues your relaxed, casual side. But more than just an online diary of sorts, by creating a blog, you can cement your place as a legal expert and drive tons of new clients to your firm. How? I’ll tell you!

First of all, even though it is supposed to be your “personal” blog, I would recommend that you keep from airing the ‘really’ dirty laundry on it. You want your blog to be personal, yet maintain a sense of order about it. This means limiting the number of self-destructive negative posts.

Secondly, you want your blog to focus on your profession. You should ideally aim to be the trustable expert in your field, and you can achieve this by giving valuable advice through your blog posts. But don’t make it sound dull and too full of legalese; spice it up with a more casual, personal stance.