Bodybuilding Steroids – A Look at the Various Side Effects

Bodybuilding steroids are used by people engaged in building muscles in order to perform better. These stimulants come in different types and they are used for different parts of the body. The main aim of taking up these drugs is to out compete opponents. However, steroids have various side effects on the body for both men and women. They should therefore be taken with a lot of caution to avoid complications in the body.

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The effects of bodybuilding steroids are considered harmful and irreversible at times. Some of these include acne on the face and the back. They are also responsible for some behavioral change in some people. The person will normally become easily irritated and aggressive. The aggression in some of these people is what causes them to commit crimes such as armed robbery and physical fighting. This will normally depend on the type of drug taken and the duration of time it has been used. These are also responsible for high blood pressure, heart attacks, mood swings sexual arousal and confusion.

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These stimulants are dangerous especially for teenagers as they interfere with the normal growth of the teenager. They are taken orally, applied as gels, patches and nasal sprays or by injections. They are normally illegal and therefore, it is quite hard to get doctors to do it for an individual. Sometimes these drugs have an effect on the stomach as it becomes swollen and irritated. They can also cause severe cases of jaundice, hepatitis and cancer. In men, bodybuilding steroids decrease the sperm count and in women, they cause the danger of massive development of muscles which is irreversible.

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