Boxing As a Fitness Workout

I’ve done a variety of sports training, and general fitness training over the years, competing in athletics, soccer, American football, tennis, badminton, and weight lifting, and in my opinion, boxing is one of the best ways in which you can either get in shape, or to stay in shape.

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When most people hear of boxing as a way of getting into shape, or maintaining their fitness, there first thought is ‘I don’t want to get hit’, and this is a fair point, but you don’t have to get hit with the way I’ll be discussing in this article. When I refer to boxing in this article, it won’t be you trying to hurt someone, or someone trying to hurt you, it’ll be you hitting boxing pads, a bag, or shadow boxing.

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As with any form of exercise, it’s of great importance that you warm up and stretch first. I like to get the muscles nice and warm by either doing a few minutes at a light pace on the rowing machine, cross trainer, or skipping. All of these exercises should be done at a light pace, we’re not trying to get fit via these exercise, we simply want to get the muscles warmed up and ready for action.

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