Got Blog? Why People Love Blogging

A new phenomenon that has become immensely popular amongst Internet users is “Blogging”. The term refers to making an online journal and which uses a reverse chronological order to display contents It is at the blog owner’s discretion how many blog entries to make and when. New posts may be put up once every day, a week, a month or more than once. He can also opt to post less often. It all depends on his own choice.

More often than not, the postings on a blog are interrelated in some manner. This is, however, not the case always and bloggers may write about anything they want to randomly. The reasons why a blog owner may decide to start up a blog may be varied. The topics can may be private or of a public nature. In this article, I will unveil to you the difference between a private and a public blog. Also, the use of blogs for personal reasons and creating and maintaining a blog for professional use will be highlighted.

Private Blogs viz-a-viz Public Blogs

Blogs can be divided into many different categories. One way to do that is to separate them into private and personal blogs. In private blogs, only people that have been approved and given permission by the blog owner can view posts and leave comments. Giving a blog a public or private status depends on the blogger’s level of comfort with the idea of other’s reading his posts. To further illustrate the point, let’s take the example of a person who wants to blog about his anger and frustration at different things happening in his life.