Personal Blogs – What Good is a Blog If You Can’t Monetize It?

When I tell people that I have more traffic at my personal blog than I do at all of my niche blogs combined their response is always – “So what? What good is a personal blog? You can’t monetize it?” And that’s where I think a lot of niche bloggers make their biggest mistake. I not only have more traffic at my personal blog, it’s how I make my living. My personal blog pays my bills OMG Blog.

I agree that a niche blog can make you some pretty decent money. But only if you bring in the traffic. And it has to be targeted traffic, too. If you’re niche blogging about Yoga you can have thousands of people a day visit your blog and not one of them will be interested in buying that $97 eBook you’re trying to push about Niche Blogging For Profit because all they want is Yoga information.

The thing about niche blogging is that you have to spend so much of your energy concentrating on keywords and SEO and finding the right product that you often forget to concentrate on the actual content of your blog posts. Especially if you’re new to niche blogging. And if writing is difficult for you anyway, it’s even tougher when you’re trying to concentrate on getting all of your keywords into all the right places. By the time you’re done your blog post sounds like it was written by a five year old or a robot and that’s not going to keep your traffic on the page.