Picking a Blog Theme

Is your blog theme something that’s high on the agenda when you’re creating your new blog? A lot people thing about them, see what’s about, and then tend to go off with a free one that’s vaguely along the line of what their site is about, but is this the right way to be doing it?

In this article we’re going to look at where a blog theme should be in your list of priorities, the look and feel you should be going for and whether there’s any real difference in one you might buy over one of the many free blog themes available, and finally we’ll look at how to get it installed https://sitessurf.com/.

How soon should you be looking at what’s out there?

While it makes sense to think about what your site is going to be about first, so as to be able to see what domain names are available, and, for financial reasons, check out the cost of the hosting plans that you can get, looking at your blog theme will be in the top four or five things you should do first.

That my surprise a lot of people but, the reason for it is this: you have a lot of options open to you and some of those will cut down dramatically on the amount of time you’ll have to spend on searching for plugins to get it to do what you want, or, they can speed up the ranking process by taking away a large amount of the thinking you have to do when it comes to SEO.