Why Your Business Will Explode When You Pump Your Blog

People love personal blogs because blogs help connect the dots between one faceless personality on the internet to another https://theteentalk.com/. Personal blogs are writings on someone’s personal lives, the ups and downs, the trivial concerns, advice for friends and family members. Blogs is a popular medium whereby people update others on things happening around them and about the decisions they made.

Blogs are popular… and rightfully so.

Ever since the use of blogs exploded from here to the next galaxy, businesses have started making use of this convenient method of connecting with their customers or potential ones. And once again, I will say rightfully so. And here’s why.


No, it’s GREAT that you have a website. You have an incredibly informative and well-designed one at one (one that you paid a truckload of money for, I presume) but it won’t bring in the business unless you update it and make it visit-worthy. People connect with people…people and websites….yeah too but….erm, there’s this invisible divide. There’s a voice inside the reader’s head that goes, ” Yeah, so you say. You’re a website and you could be a pre-programmed software writing this thing out. Or you could be a hired copywriter with magical writing skills. You could be a chimpanzee slapping at a keyboard too…who’s to know ?”