Women’s, Men’s and Kids’ japanese Clothing and Accessories


Okobo are Japanese shoes produced using wood. They are generally made of willow wood that is of extensive tallness. The feet clutch them by utilization of basic ties with various shadings. The various tones speak to the status of maiko. New maiko wear red lashes while the individuals who have nearly completed apprenticeship wear yellow ties. Okobo are worn to control kimono from contacting the earth surface subsequently keep it from getting grimy.


Kanzashi are hair beautification trimmings utilized in Japanese conventional hairstyling. They are worn by fluctuating seasons for every month and for specific occasions, for example, New Year festivity. Kanzashi are produced using a wide assortment of materials, for example, turtle shell, silk, gold, lacquered wood, plastic, and silver. The majority of the old kanzashi have enormous pins that are honed causing individuals to accept that they were utilized for security in the former times.

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Nemaki is a sort of cotton kimono. They are generally utilized as shower robes in resorts and spas. Generally nemaki are either blue or white with designs that are tiny and mathematical. Their sleeves are planned in a western style with a pocket and belt. Present day nemaki for ladies are florally printed while those for men hold mathematical prints.


Haori is a Japanese customary coat looking like a kimono yet of thigh length. Initially it was worn by men however has presently become a prestigious article of clothing for ladies. The haori for ladies are profoundly trendy with Japanese material workmanship. A couple of ties named himo is bought independently and utilized in attaching the haori. The men’s himo are generally appended to the haori while circling is accomplished for the ladies himo each time when wearing it.